• Sangue di Giuda Paradiso vintage 2014 Bruno Verdi

    Sangue di Giuda Paradiso vintage 2016 Bruno Verdi

    Sweet sparkling wine, very light and perfumed of strawberry and black cherry, in mouth appears soft, sparkly with just a hint of tannin, armonic with pleasant fruit after taste.

    2 grappoli2 bicchieri neri

    € 9,30€ 8,70

    Out of stock
  • Irpinia Greco Sparkling Brut Le Masciare

    Irpinia Greco Sparkling Brut Le Masciare

    An elegant perlage introduces a complex nose, with pear, citrus, dry flowers and bread crust, in mouth the typical Greco sapidity is well balanced by a good structure. Long persistence.

    € 12,50€ 10,90

    Out of stock
  • Valtenesi Chiaretto vintage 2014 Avanzi

    Valtenesi Chiaretto vintage 2016 Avanzi

    Garda Lake, the land of the famous Rosè Chiaretto Valtenesi, an elegant wine, perfumed like a tropical cocktail, rose, papaya, peach... Rich taste with a vibrant acidity and a good taste-persistence. 

    € 11,90€ 10,90

    Out of stock
  • Getulio Bianco vintage 2012 Cobue

    Getulio Bianco vintage 2015 Cobue

    From a selection of the best grapes of Lugana and San Martino, an interesting white wine from Garda, rich in nose, flowers, citruses, peach, honey, as well as in mouth, fresh and persistent.

    Vinity Esclusive.

    € 19,00€ 16,90

    Out of stock
  • San Martino Vendemmia Tardiva "Passvm" - Cobue

    Benaco Bresciano Straw Wine Passvm 0,375l Cobue

    A real golden jem, impressing range of scents at the nose, from dark honey to dry grapes, vanilla, mint, caramel, roasted pine nut, the taste is exactly corresponding, fresh and never too sweet.

    Vinity Esclusive.

    € 17,40€ 16,90

    Out of stock
  • Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze Dry Rebuli Bastìa

    Sparkling Wine Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze Dry Bastìa

    The best expression of the italian Prosecco. The only "cru", Cartizze, produces this excellent sparkling wine, with an intense nose of fruit and flowers, and a dry mouth, creamy with a long taste. 

    € 18,50€ 16,90

    Out of stock
  • Chianti Classico DOCG "L'Aura" - Querceto di Castellina

    Toscana Viogner & Roussanne Livia vintage 2017 Querceto di Castellina

    What a surprise! A magnificent white, with a peculiar and complex nose stirring from jasmine to honey, apricot, croissant and citrus. The taste is structured and intense, sapid and persistent. 

    4 grappoli3 stelle rosse3 bottiglie

    € 24,50€ 20,90

    Out of stock
  • Valtellina Superiore "Sassella" - La Castellina

    Valtellina Superiore Sassella Le Barbarine Reserve 2015 La Castellina Fondazione...

    A masterpiece. Brilliant brick-red colour, intense and complex nose, with fruity perfumes and hints of rose, herbs, mint, berries. Magnificent in mouth, silky tannin and an infinite taste. 

    5 bottiglie

    Vinity Esclusive.

    € 26,50€ 23,90

    Out of stock
  • Rosso Cavariola Riserva vintage 2011 Bruno Verdi

    Rosso Cavariola Riserva vintage 2013 Bruno Verdi

    Ruby red, the Cavariola shows a rich nose, leathered and fruity with a bed of spices, very intense. At the taste has a muscle-tannin, well balanced by a round and consistent body, very long and pleasant end.

    4 grappoli3 bicchieri rossi 2 stelle rosse4 bottiglie

    € 27,90€ 25,50

    Out of stock
  • Primitivo di Manduria Li Cameli vintage 2015 Erminio Campa

    Primitivo di Manduria Li Cameli vintage 2015 Erminio Campa

    An outstanding Primitivo! Dark red colour, intensely perfumed of cherry, plum, blackberry, hints of menthol and tobacco, warm and powerful mouth, rounded full body, very long taste.

    Vitae Ais2 stelle rosse

    € 35,00€ 28,00

    Out of stock
  • Valtellina Superiore "Sassella" - La Castellina

    Valtellina Superiore Sassella vintage 2010 La Castellina Fondazione Fojanini

    Light ruby red, nose of redberry and cherry, hints of mint, roses and oriental spices, very elegant in mouth where the tannins are gentle on a medium body, with a long lasting taste.

    4 bottiglie

    Vinity Esclusive.

    € 29,50€ 28,30

    Out of stock
  • Monferrato Rosso Barchetta 2007 Magnum - Colle Manora

    Monferrato Rosso Barchetta 2009 Magnum - Colle Manora

    Wooden Box, 1,5L Magnum with wax cork, produced in only 880 numbered pieces, made from a selection of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Ferrari-inspired.

    Vinity Esclusive.

    € 75,00€ 69,00

    Out of stock
  • Barolo Bricat 1998 Manzone

    Barolo Bricat riserva 1998 Manzone

    A unique magnificent Barolo Riserva, aged for 6 years, garnet red, wide amazing nose of dried pot-pourri, cherry jam, wax, leather, violet and a balanced stunning taste, long and rich.

    Vinity Esclusive.

    € 110,00€ 99,00

    Out of stock
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