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...the other Wine is the web reference for curious winelovers.


One can stumble on, or find it through a rare wine research on the web. For sure, one will buy from this wineshop to try new wines from one of the most interesting country in the world: Italy.

We want to take you to a virtual tour inside the italian wine world which is proudly represented here only by small rare wineries, real artisans, indigenous grapes, family-run cellars, in one word: rare gems.

Let's face it, italian wine is perceived quite messy and on a quality level that may vary a lot, on tops of which are placed the usual famous names like Barolo, Brunello, Amarone. 

This is true especially abroad, but also in Italy there's a lot of prejudice among certain areas or wines.

Our main goal with is to make you fall in love with rare underrated wines, made with love and passion by talented winemakers that you won't find easily in italian shops, least of all abroad.

We are Anni and Luca, both professional sommelier A.I.S., but most of all we are curious wine enthusiasts.

We travelled a lot and for real, tasted many wines and selected only those we liked, developing a direct contact if not an esteemed friendship with the wineries, and finally using the web to make it possible for almost anyone in Europe to purchase and magically receive in a few days such wonderful territorial products as italian wines. And with just 200€ of shopping, in most E.U. countries shipping is FREE!

We consider Italy the best wine country in the world... that's easy, one might think, we're italians, or at least one of us really is. But here's a few facts that one might not know:

  • Italy is the country with the absolut highest number of indigenous vines (types of grape traditionally harvested or historically common in certain areas). We're talking about over 450 different grapes, most of them really interesting, an enormous amount considering that Spain reaches out for 100 and France have much less. A winemaker from Sardinia would rather kill than producing a Merlot, no matter the perfect terroir or the price that would achieve, just for the sake of tradition.
  • Italy is the only country in the world where it's strictly forbidden to add sugar to the grape must. If this seems banal, think about the work that an italian winemaker has to do to guarantee a certain style, a certain mark through every vintage. It means that the men presence inside the vineyards is high, and don't forget that a great wine is always made first in the vineyards, not in the cellar.
  • The geography is quite peculiar for italian winemakers giving the fact that almost no good wine is made in plain areas, most of the best ones are made on hills where only real persons can walk and hand-harvest without the help of convenient but slightly insensitive machines, and in some places some winery have to harvest with the help of pulleys and helicopters from vineyards of 70% slope, giving the word "heroic" a real meaning.


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We keep these precious bottles in a temperature-controlled storage facility, built to guarantee you that all the wines are perfectly preserved from the arrival to the special delivery to your address.

All you have to do is discover, surf our website, follow your instinct, from North of Italy to South, from sparkling to red, every bottle deserves a taste, and the value-for-money is one of the main rules for us. If you want to save more money, don't miss the wine offers, rare bottles often at bargain prices.

In any case: it will be our pleasure to make you discover ...the Other Wine.

Now we've introduced ourself, welcome to, a special wineshop.

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