Courses and Wine tasting in Milan, Italy

Not just a wineshop online where to buy italian wines from small wineries at great prices, Vinity is also a promoter of wine events, tasting sessions and wine courses in Milan. Discover next events and reserve a place for yourself, you can safely pay on-line and get in contact with Vinity's most real and passionate side, the one that will allow you to enrich your wine culture and feed your wine curiosity.

Vinitaste is the tasting event one shouldn't miss, the opportunity to meet small wine producers from all over the country, ready to share their stories, their secrets and... their unique bottles. Sparkling wines, red wines, white wines, from Piemonte to Toscana, from the rare Timorasso to the famous Amarone. During this whole weekend event, always based in a small and familiar facility in the heart of Milano city, no more than 20 winemakers are gathered together to meet the wine enthusiasts and also the restaurant operators, interested in knowing artisan wines and with the advantage of unlimited tastings and the possibility to purchase all the wines or reserve a delivery at fair prices.

Appunti di Vino is the wine course created by Vinity, dedicated to those who truly are passionate and curious about the subject of wine, from the grape growing to the wine making, with notions about the tasting of wines. A complete and dynamic course to discover wine in 4 intensive lessons, 2 and a half-hour each, with various wine tasting, where teaching goes hand-in-hand with fun and debate! At the end of the course it will be possible to access to a second level, a course where other 4 lessons will be entirely dedicated to the wine and food pairing rules, with tasting of both each lesson. 

Discover the scheduled events and courses, get involved and at any time you need, please contact us for further informations.

Scheduled events

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